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Blue Dress Barn

"featuring the historic House of David dairy barn"


The Blue Dress Farm features the historic "House of David Dairy Barn." Purchased in 2000, the barn and grounds are being lovingly restored and renovated day by day. The owners Amy and Kirby Briske, both artist-designers, have combined their talents to revive the unique character and beauty of this well loved landmark. The Blue Dress Barn seats 280 in a 4,600 square foot area under a vast open timber roof with a dance floor and stage lit by elegant wrought iron chandeliers. Two second story decks add 600 square feet overlooking gardens and fields. In the gardens are tables beneath shade umbrellas, chairs and benches around fires.

At The Blue Dress, one can enjoy the peace of the countryside in the bloom of the spring among plum blossoms and lilacs. Mid Summer, crickets sing in the grass and the trees are green. Autumn boasts the most flowers and best fires.

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Area: St. Joseph
Address: 3893 Territorial Road, Benton Harbor, MI 49022
Capacity: 280
Indoor: Yes
Outdoor: No
Onsite Catering: No
Onsite Ceremony: Yes
Brides Room: Yes
Distance To Beach: 5 miles
Distance To Hotel: 5 miles


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